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The eurozone today agreed to an expenditure of 10,300 million euros to help Greece to meet the payment of debt and outstanding bills, and detailed the short, medium and long term measures of debt relief, which has allowed the IMF Be open to join the third rescue .

After giving their political agreement to the completion of the first review of the rescue of up to 86,000 million euros, the ministers of Economy and Finance of the Eurozone decided that a first tranche of 7,500 million will be delivered to Greece in mid-June so that it can do against major repayments to the ECB and the IMF and catch up on arrears.

The remaining 2,800 million will be disbursed in several installments “after the summer,” according to the managing director of the eurozone’s rescue fund, Klaus Regling, who pointed out that any additional payment for debt service will be subject to compliance with milestones related to privatization, banking governance, the collection agency and the energy sector.

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