Bridging Loan Ranking for Self Employed and Retail Companies December 2018

Bridging loans for the self-employed and small businesses: fast, discreet, serious and flexible!

Unlike the long-term installment loan, other bridging loans have other priorities as interim financing: For example, unbureaucratic, fast lending decisions and high flexibility in repayment of loans or early loan repayments have higher priority than lending rates. This results in the bridging loan a slightly different order in the credit ranking than the normal installment loan for small businesses and self-employed.

Each month, the SME CREDIT team researches existing and newly offered bridging loans for the self-employed and small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) on the Internet. The results of the research are published monthly in a bridging credit ranking. Loan seekers thus receive up-to-date and reliable information about the interest rates and customer friendliness of the online credit providers.

Bridging Credit Ranking of December 2018

rank company maximum
1 inancingent 750’000 €
2 financinga 100’000 €
3 Crediter 100’000 €
4 Funding Square 250’000 €
5 Pixocredit 100’000 €
6 moneyor 50’000 €
7 creditend 75’000 €

To apply for a loan from one of the listed credit providers, simply click on the application (last column table) of the respective credit provider. You will then be redirected to the loan offer, where you complete and submit your online application. The whole process takes only a few minutes! Please also note our notes below! You should get at least 2 to 3 offers in order to find the cheapest offer for you.

1st place: gold medal for inancingent

inancingent is a provider-independent full-service provider for SME financing in Germany. Companies and their consultants, freelancers and the self-employed will quickly find the optimal financing solution through the inancingent platform and consulting. In addition to loans, there is also leasing and factoring.

The Digital Corporate Loan, a bridging loan from inancingent, meets the requirements for rapid lending to bridge financing bottlenecks for the self-employed, professionals, tradesmen and small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs):

  • Bridging loan up to 100,000 euros within 24 hours
  • Bridging loan up to 750,000 euros within 48 hours

2nd place: silver medal for financinga

financinga is a specialist for fast and short-term loan solutions for self-employed, tradesmen and SMEs (small and medium-sized enterprises) with maturity up to 12 months. Speed ​​and flexibility are top priority: Credit decisions within a few hours and thus within a working day access to up to € 100,000. Ideal as bridging finance, bridging loan and to solve unforeseen financing bottlenecks or liquidity gaps.

Why it is not enough to just ask for the first place in the credit ranking!

Every credit ranking is a statistical evaluation! This means that for an individual loan request, for example, the second place provider can offer a more favorable offer than the number 1 provider ! Practice shows that when you place an inquiry with the first 2 to 3 providers in the ranking and then compare the offers, you get the cheapest loan for the self-employed.

Other credit rankings

For long-term installment loans and loans for founders, start-ups and entrepreneurs, there are slightly different selection criteria and priorities compared to the above short-term loans:

  • Ranking of credit for self-employed and SMEs last month
  • Credit Ranking for Founders, Startups and Entrepreneurs of the Last Month

Our tip for SMEs: Penta business account!

Penta offers tailor-made business accounts for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in Germany. Fast registration, intuitive use and fast support together with low fees form the basis for the Penta business account. All important functions and fintech applications are integrated on a single platform, making it the one-stop-shop solution for the customer. In addition to the basic functions of a bank, this also includes HR, accounting, CF management and much more.

Did you know that …

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  3. … Factoring as a credit alternative for medium-sized companies is not only an interesting solution in times of crisis?
  4. … with the credit formula developed by SME-CREDIT self-employed and SMEs can save 30% interest?
  5. … that a financially strong guarantor definitely increases your credit chances? If no guarantor exists, a credit insurance can be useful as additional security!
  6. … the purpose of the credit in the credit decision of the bank can be significant?

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